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We have been very pleased with the progress our son has made since he started tutoring sessions with Tutor Doctor. Our son’s overall marks and confidence have greatly improved since aquiring their services. Both Diane and Dave are very thorough in their initial meeting, taking the time to learn, and gather information about your childs academics. Another great convenience with Tutor Doctor is flexibility…tutoring takes place in the comfort of your home, based on your family’s schedule, which to us is key. I would recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone looking to help their child develop techniques conducive to achieving a report card they would be proud of!

-Dorothy, Oshawa, Ontario

We have used the services of Tutor Doctor to assist my daughter (this past year) with university level secondary school math. Not only were they incredibly responsive and professional to deal with, but they also provided us a tutor that was reliable, patient and was able to convey the complex math concepts in a fashion that my daughter thoroughly understood. She was able to turn around a failing grade in math to a solid “B”. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to garner quality tutoring. It made a world of difference not just in terms of my daughter’s overall mark, but her overall confidence as well.

-Beth L. Courtice, Ontario

Very recently we contacted Tutor Doctor in need of help with our grade 3 daughter who is struggling with reading. Diane immediately responded to our call and assessed our child’s overall needs. We were then matched up with a wonderful tutor who comes to our home 2 times per week. We are very pleased with the choice of tutors. I believe Diane called it “the magical match”. It is magical – they work very well together and our daughter actually looks forward to tutor day. Most importantly, our daughter is now enjoying her reading. We are so happy.

Our experience with Tutor Doctor has been a positive experience and I would highly recommend them.

-Mr. & Mrs. Brown, Bowmanville, Ontario

Last fall we contacted Tutor Doctor to help our son with his math. He has always struggled – especially with his multiplication and division. Since hiring Tutor Doctor, the help he has received from the tutor has brought his mark from a C- to a solid B in just one semester. He understands the concepts now and has increased his confidence and speed tremendously. Thank you Tutor Doctor for giving our son the confidence he needed in math to excel!

-The Martin family – Oshawa, Ontario

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy we have been with the tutors we have received from Tutor Doctor.

We have used other tutoring services in the past, and have never been as pleased as we are with the results that we have gotten from Tutor Doctor. Your ability to match tutors with my children has been amazing.

The educational background of both that we have had far exceeds my initial expectations, and they have a fun and natural style that engages my children in their learning. I love that they can learn in the comfort of our own home at a cost that was less than our previous tutoring organization. Thanks again for helping my children to grow with their education.

I wish you continued success and thanks agian for “making house calls” because it makes a difference. Sincerely,

-Cheryl, Parent of student, Oshawa, Ontario

We are very happy with our experience to date with our son’s tutor, Jason. We were not sure what to expect when we signed on, but Jason is very conscientious and relates extremely well with our son, Bryce. They have really made a connection. We notice that Bryce actually looks forward to his time with Jason and gets his supplies together and sits down at the table as soon as Jason comes to the door. The help Jason has given him seems to make Bryce much more confident when working on his school assignments, and has led to achieving better grades. Previously, when working with us, Bryce usually procrastinated and avoided his homework as long as possible. He actually now stays after school to work on assignments and projects if needed, something we have never seen in the past.

–Jim & Robyn , Parents of Bryce – Newcastle, Ontario

Thank you Tutor Doctor! Upon first contact with Diane, a Tutor Doctor Education Consultant, I was impressed with her personable and professional approach towards helping figure out how best to meet my daughter’s tutoring needs. We have loved the fact that the tutor comes to our home – an absolute luxury within our hectic daily schedules. He is always punctual, professional, and is an excellent listener. The tutor is clearly very knowledgeable and competent in his ability to help my daughter better grasp mathematical concepts with which she has been struggling. At the end of each session, he always provides me with a summary of the tutoring session and offers my daughter encouragement. At the end of a session, my daughter has commented that, ‘things make much more sense now”. She has greatly appreciated the tutor’s patient and creative approach! We highly recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone seeking tutoring services! Sincerely,

–Evelyn, Courtice, Ontario

Class studies move so quickly these days and it is sometimes difficult for kids to grasp certain concepts, especially math, in such short time frames. Our daughter needed an extra boost in math and we found it challenging to help her since teaching styles and techniques have changed so much since we were in school. We decided to seek out the experts. We found Tutor Doctor at a local Home Show. They matched our daughter with a certified teacher who is highly qualified and familiar with the current curriculum. The tutor provides summaries of what they did in each session and what to expect in the next session. Improvements were seen within two weeks when our daughter made high marks on her math test. We are extremely pleased with the Tutor Doctor’s services and business practices, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their child’s academic performance. Thanks tons,

–Darcy & Jason, Bowmanville, Ontario

We would really like to acknowledge Amanda. She has been more than we could have even wished for! She is extremely good at her job, she is kind and patient, and has found a connection with Nicholas that goes beyond better grades. She has become someone that he looks forward to seeing, someone with whom he shares his good and bad moments from school. He looks up to her, and her sound advice helps him to tackle some of these issues. Basically, not only is Amanda teaching him academically, but she is also teaching him socially. She is an all-around great influence. (She has a warm spot in all of our hearts!) We are very grateful for her and your wisdom of placing her with us. Thank you,

–Betty, Parent of Nicholas, Oshawa, Ontario

Andrea has been more than wonderful in assisting our son Jonathan – a definite keeper in my books!!! It really has helped Jonathan, and I can see the change in him as the week’s progress!!! Thanks again for hooking the two of them together!!!

–Lily, mother of 4th grader, Courtice, Ontario

Dear Tutor Doctor, as a result of Bella’s tutor, she now has a solid foundation in math. Brad always comes extremely prepared with manipulatives that he has made in order to relate to Bella’s learning style. Bella is building confidence in math and always looks forward to her tutor sessions. In addition, my daughter’s teacher provides Brad with math concepts prior to her teaching them in class, allowing Bella an opportunity to work with her tutor to grasp the concept in a learning style that is beneficial to her. Brad is an excellent tutor! Thank you!

–Alma, mother of 2nd grader, Oshawa, Ontario

We are very happy with Steve. He is a wonderful tutor and relates to Matt very well. He is able to explain things in a way that Matt can understand. When Matt doesn’t understand something at first, Steve is very patient and uses another method to help Matt work through a problem. Matt is doing so much better in algebra, because of his time with Steve. He actually understands what he is learning now and is a lot less frustrated. I’m sure that Matt would have failed Algebra, as he had a 47 average. I am fairly confident that in this relatively short amount of time he will pull his grade up to a C or better by the end of January. Thanks for your help.

–Ann-Marie, Parent of Matt, Bowmanville, Ontario

Samantha received a 95% on her test! Her teachers commented at her conference that she seems to be more confident in all of her subjects. Please let Hayley know she is doing a great job! Regards,

–Jane, Parent of Samantha, Newcastle, Ontario

We hired Tutor Doctor and we had our first tutoring session today. It was fantastic. Amanda, our tutor handled the whole process beautifully, most importantly… my son thinks she’s fantastic. If you have a student struggling in a subject, PLEASE save your marriage and your sanity and call Tutor Doctor.

–Parent of Student

We just received her report card & had parent-teacher interviews this morning. Her teachers have said in the past few weeks she has done a complete turnaround! They can’t believe it’s the same little girl that started the year off with them. We are SO very PROUD of her. Tiyana has built some confidence in herself which in turn has caused her to begin to interact in class discussions. Thank you for this. Her report card this term was the BEST one she has EVER had in her 3 1/2 years of school. Again, thank you. This is just what our little girl needed.

–Erin, Parent of Tiyana, Bowmanville, Ontario

My wife and I wanted to send a note of appreciation for the great work that Patrick of Tutor Doctor has been doing in tutoring our grandson Tyler. Patrick’s sessions with Tyler have given our grandson a new sense of confidence in his abilities and a more solid foundation in math and language in the classroom. We tried several other programs and have found yours to be far and away the best. We thank you and Patrick and look forward to continued improvement in Tyler’s work over the coming months. Kind regards,

–Fred, Parent of Tyler, Oshawa, Ontario

Thanks Dave! You are always very helpful! Just to let you know. I think you are the best tutoring company I’ve been associated with thus far!

–Joanne, Oshawa, Ontario